Let's talk Digital!

By: Tracy Hennekam

Let's talk Digital!

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While virtual and digital marketing has been around for years.. it is now, during the pandemic that we have been perfecting our digital tours.


This technology not only is being used to communicate, but also has the largest reach for our sellers; online.  During Covid 19 it was just a matter of adding safe measures for all parties involved.
Today's technologies are valued for making lives easier, more convenient and work environments more sustainable. Virtual Reality combined with digital marketing have several advantages to offer business, including real estate.
SAVING TIME  - nothing is as valuable as time, to both Sellers and Buyers.  Thanks to to digital marketing, the search and review of a new property can become a faster process.  Virtual tours eliminate the need for buyers to spend days and hours visiting properties.
UNLIKE photo's - virtual tours provide immersion and the feeling of a realistic presence in the home.  They create an emotional engagement.  As a buyer there is no rush, only freedom to explore the property room by room. 
Selling sight unseen is uncommon in our parts.  While we may buy a new build.. we have typically walked through a model home.  This is somewhat new in our parts of the world.. BUT after this experience it will be the new "normal".. Digital marketing can allow for successful real estate transactions, from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world.
GETTING STARTED - apart from meeting in person, there are several ways we can meet - FaceTime, Messenger, Zoom - and I am sure there are others.. whichever form you are most comfortable with, I can adapt.  During this time we can discuss the market and my listing procedures.
LISTING PRICE: Upon virtually meeting, be prepared to show me around your home.  This video tour can be done over the phone using FaceTime or another of your favourite video calls. 
During the tour I will ask that you provide any upgrades or special features of your home that would be of notable interest to a buyer. 
From there I will complete a market analysis to obtain the final listing price.
STAGING? VIRTUAL or OTHERWISE: My stager is able to meet you in the same format; on line.  Depending on the circumstance of the sale (perhaps the house is unoccupied) they may even be able to visit the house.  My stager has talked about either providing tips and pointers to make your house picture perfect with consultation, to leaving some items for soft staging at the curb and instructions on where everything should go.  
PICTURES & FLOOR PLANS: During this time I ask that you leave the home for at least an hour before the arrival of the photographer.  Prior to arrival it is requested that you disinfect any surfaces that a photographer may have to touch (ie your front door handle inside and out).  We ask that all lights are left ON.  My photographer will be using sanitizer and gloves when required.  Once photography has been completed, we will then proceed with the virtual tour.  The potential buyer can place their mouse (Or their finger if they are using a smartphone) and scroll around the room in a 360 degree platform. They can zoom in on the trim, the ceilings and really check out the back splash if that is of special interest.
PRE INSPECTIONS - (seller optional) :  To avoid a collapsed sale, seller stress or the number of buyers through your house, you can opt to pre-inspect your home. As a seller you may worry about how the Buyer's inspection will go.  It can be a nerve wracking experience to  hear what comes back from the home inspection if you haven't had an inspection yourself.  Will the Buyer find something "scary" and collapse the sale? (In other words we have to put your house back on the market and find another buyer.. perhaps having to take a lower price).  By having a pre-inspection, you can rest easy while the buyer is in your home at their inspection because you know what they will (or will not) find. 
QUALIFIED BUYERS: Typically in most real estate transactions there are two real estate agents involved.  Listing and Buying.  As your listing agent there may be situations where I have my own buyers.  It is important for your safety and time that the buyers that come through your home are qualified buyers ONLY.  We request in writing that all buyer agents and or my buyers to confirm that they have:
- proof of financing
- no home to sell
- Covid 19 Medical Disclosure signed and provided upfront. 
* No Children
* No more than 3 people including the Real Estate Salesperson
* Social distancing in the house at all times
* Hands to be disinfected with sanitizer of no less than 60% alcohol
* No touching of surfaces (hands to be kept in pockets)
* No use of the washroom facilities within the home
WHY CHOOSE ME TO BE YOUR REALTOR? I believe that experience counts.  I have been a top producing real estate agent in the Kawartha's for several years.  Licensed in 1999.  Starting as a real estate secretary before then I am aware of the process from start to finish. Therefore helping to eliminate problems before they arise so your home closes successfully and on time.  Every time. 

-photo courtesty of Harvard University