Get to know me.. 

By: Tracy Hennekam

Get to know me.. 

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Thoughts for the day:  


When I first got into real estate ... 25ish years ago as a secretary, then in 1999 licensed  . . I watched and learned from the best of the best.


Did I think I could fit in in the crazy world? .. Did I think I could make a mark and be considered as one of them?  I did.


I am.


One of my goals in this business is to run it like a business.  I am strict with my time (now, when I first started, not so much).  I give my energy where it is needed, doing what I love for Buyers/ Sellers that mesh with me. I do not need to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The folks I work for do not expect me to. They know that when they hire me they are getting ALL of me.. not the exhausted, drained, empty shell of me... ALL of me.  Because I set boundaries and run my business as a business.



It wasn't always this way.  I have an addictive personality. I am a worker.  I had (have) an attitude.  I had something to prove. To you. To myself.  If you thought I couldn't do it, be where I am.. I had to prove you wrong. 




I'm proud of my profession. I am proud of my accomplishments... then one day a fellow realtor asked my Daughter if she wanted to be like me when she got older.. consider real estate as a career.  I was excited waiting for her response.  You know what she said? She said no, because I was never home.  


I was never home.  


AND boom... just like that it hit me.  As a realtor, I can be replaced.  As her Mom.. no.


It has taught me to work smarter/ not harder.  I am still learning... but I think I have the systems in place to compliment Buyers/ Sellers / My Brokerage and My family.


If I could change ONE thing.. it would be that the folks that I work with.. the other realtors.. that they were on the same path.  The phone calls at 10 at night? . . or 7:30 in the morning? .. Realtors.  The egos. The personalities (the not so good, I'm better than you.. I've been doing this for xx years').. these one's I can really do without.  


I think we can do better.  Let's make this profession one we can all be proud of. It's doable. It really is.



Now . . What are some things that I really enjoy about being a licensed realtor?




meeting new people!  For almost everyone selling or buying it is not only one of the largest financial decisions, it's highly emotional too. I enjoy being in this part of their lives and making new friends. During this process we are all part of a Team with the same goal.

I thrive to make the process as easy as possible. 



I LOVE seeing people's houses.. their decorating style, the new and the old trends.  



I LOVE the flexibility in my time!  Personal appointments in the middle of a weekday? Sure! If I am not actively selling someone a house at that moment I CAN get my hair done at 3:00 on a Friday afternoon, why not!?!  Being a professional to me means that I make appointments for listings and showing houses - for the most part there's not much "last minute" . .which gives me the flexibility to not be at work during normal office hours.



Does this also mean I work evenings and weekends? It does.. but I can usually work out a fair trade with my personal time.



I LOVE learning.  Everyday, almost every situation is different.  Buyer's needs, seller wants and property particulars are fascinating to me.  I enjoy finding something for everyone.



I LOVE the people I work with, in my office.   For me, going to work is like going home.  The people I choose to be around are really really good people. It's not a chore.  It comes full circle.  I love my job.



Financially? I am doing ok.  By running a good business for the past 22 or so years, I have a large sphere of influence that refer to me, or recommend me to their friends and colleagues.  I do alright.  On a personal level, I am part of a Team.  My husband is one smart guy and together over the years we have made some pretty good financial decisions. . involving both our passions - cars AND real estate.



Does it sound like I would be a good fit to help with YOUR real estate needs?  . .  I'm down to earth and just a message away!


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